Teaching HEAL children to reach for the stars

HEAL, Dr GV Rao, sponsor a child in india,

EMPOWERMENT was the key word on everyone’s lips at HEAL Paradise Village when motivational speaker Dr Gadde V Rao offered words of inspiration to students and staff alike.

A former senior manager with major multinational companies like AT&T and Pepsi, Dr Rao these days offers training, coaching and consultancy services through his MPowerMe project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

HEAL, Dr GV Rao, sponsor a child in india,

Dr GV Rao addresses children at HEAL Paradise Village

And he returned to his native Andhra Pradesh for a whistlestop tour around Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Vijayawada to give youngsters and adults, including those at Paradise Village, the benefit of his motivational speeches.

“I am in the process of giving something back to the community from the knowledge I have gained over the years,” says Dr Rao, who has handled and organized multi-million dollar budgets during his working life.

HEAL, Dr GV Rao, sponsor a child in india,

Dr Rao has fun getting his message across to the HEAL children

“I am visiting non-profit organizations and educational institutions who want to utilize my free services to inspire and support them to reach to their goals or to get better in their lives.

“This is a small gesture and contribution to the community from my side to empower people. I believe in giving back to society.”

HEAL, Dr GV Rao, sponsor a child in india,

HEAL UK communications director Jem King commented: “It is clear that the children and staff members got a lot out of Dr Rao’s visit. Having a motivational speaker of his standing and background visit Paradise Village is further evidence that HEAL wants to offer the children in its care so much more than a standard education.

“When they leave us as young adults to go into further education or the workplace we want them to do so as well-rounded individuals who have benefited from a wide range of learning experiences.

HEAL, Dr GV Rao, sponsor a child in india,

Dr Rao enjoys a meal with the children in the new Paradise Village dining hall

“Every volunteer and visitor brings something new to our school projects in Andhra Pradesh and the children are so eager to learn from them all. People like Dr Rao can show them that there are a world of possibilities out there for them.”

To learn more about sponsoring a child in India please visit the How to Help section on the HEAL website.