Sunny outlook for HEAL children at Guntur

Celebrations of Yasaswini's exam success at HEAL Children's Village

THE sun has been beating down as temperatures in Andhra Pradesh state have soared into the mid-40s degrees Centigrade in recent weeks, but this has not stopped the students of HEAL Children’s Village from shining in the classroom.

Education has always been at the core of HEAL’s work in India, the charity’s team of volunteers driven by the unshakable belief that learning and knowledge are key to helping young people escape their country’s cruel poverty trap.

A third of the world’s malnourished children live in India and it is a sad fact that almost half of the nation’s population drops out of school by the age of 13.

Many children are taken under HEAL’s wing when their parents are no longer able to look after them or send them to school due to extreme poverty. Often they have been forced to work from a very young age simply to help their family make ends meet.

Thanks to the generosity of its child sponsors, HEAL is able to provide many hundreds of these impoverished children with free shelter, food, health care and that all-important education… helping them to unlock their true potential.

Girls of HEAL Children's Village

So it always a joy to hear reports of exam success from HEAL projects such as the Children’s Village in Guntur, where more than 200 orphaned and destitute children have been cared for since the late 1990s.

“We are pleased to have happy news to share from Guntur,” says Village administrator Marudwathi.

“The temperature has been going up and up, but all the children have been working hard and I am glad to inform HEAL sponsors and supporters that all our 10th Class students have passed their public examinations with good scores.

“This has been made possible by the combined effort of the teachers at the HEAL Children’s Village and the hard work of the students, who can now be admitted to different colleges as per their wishes and strengths.

“Furthermore, one of our girl students, Yasaswini, gained 15th rank among 25,000 students at state level after completing her three years of Polytehnic. We have celebrated her success in a joyful atmosphere.”


HEAL student Yasaswini ranked 15th in the state

Yasaswini was only eight when she arrived at the Children’s Village following the death of her father, but has shown great determination and application to create a bright future for herself.

Thanking her sponsor from the UK, she said she plans to pursue a career in the field of engineering and has been inspired to “give back to HEAL and become a good citizen”.

Boys at HEAL Children's Village

President of HEAL India Mr Ramavtar Yadav expressed delight at the positive news from Guntur and singled out Yasaswini for special praise. “I would like to send my heartiest congratulations to Yasaswini – you have made all of us proud,” he said.

A child’s education through HEAL can be sponsored for as little as £11 per month. To learn more about how to become a child sponsor go to: