Sponsor a child with Heal

Sponsor a child with Heal

Child sponsorship is a wonderful way to bring hope and change to a child living in poverty. HEAL has three levels of child sponsorship.

1. Poverty Trap Sponsorship – $20 / month

The Poverty Trap Project involves supporting existing schools to provide more children from very underprivileged backgrounds with an education. Your sponsorship will pay for a school uniform, books, stationary, a midday meal, and a contribution towards the teaching staff for a child from a family who could not otherwise afford it. Families requesting this kind of support are checked out by the governors of the schools to ensure that we support only the most needy cases. There are currently around 300 children at Bhadrachalam.

2. Residential Sponsorship – $30 / month

HEAL’s Children’s Village near Guntur is home to about 200 orphans who benefit from a loving home, meals, education and health care. For many of the children, this is their first experience of a stable and nurturing environment. Your sponsorship will pay for a housing expenses as well as schooling and medical care for a child.

Please Note: It is not always possible to guarantee sponsorship of children of a specific age or sex, and we may need to offer alternatives from either our residential or poverty trap projects if we are unable to meet a specific request.  Please note, we currently have far more Poverty Trap children than residential children in need of sponsorship at this time.

3. Higher Education Sponsorship – $80 / month

Many of the children in HEAL’s care, who are growing up to become young students, would like to go on to Further Education in order to help secure their future.

Teachers within the Children’s Village School assess those pupils who they believe are capable of going on to successfully further their education. Currently, the Further Education budget is $18,500 per annum and this is likely to grow as the charity expands.

If you would like to sponsor a child- click here!

Once you become a sponsor, you will be matched up to one of the many HEAL children in need. You will be sent a photograph and short profile of your adopted child, plus a write-up of the village. Once a year, you will receive an update of the progress of the child plus an up-to-date photograph.

The children love receiving mail and we encourage the sponsor to write to his or her child who will in turn respond. Not all the children are able to write in English yet, but their letters are translated into English so you can enjoy hearing from them.

Sponsors are also very welcome at the village. If you would like to visit one of the villages, please contact us here and we can help you plan your visit!