Why Sponsor A Teacher?

THE secret to making sure our children and their future families are taken out of poverty is to make sure our children get a good education. To do this we need to staff our school with good teachers.

For a charity this is a real challenge. Whilst teaching salaries in India are relatively low, that money still has to be found.

We are asking you to help us do this. If you are able to sponsor a teacher then this could make a big difference to many young lives. For our teachers not only ensure that each child in their care receives an excellent education, but also that they become responsible members of society. The teachers also provide the love and care that otherwise would not be available to these deprived children.

If you are able to assist, please visit our sponsor a teacher page.

If your employer runs a charitable scheme, please refer our sponsor a teacher programme to them. If the company requires a formal application contact us with details of the scheme.

Remember, for just the cost of a daily newspaper, you can sponsor a child at HEAL.