Party time as exams are a piece of cake for HEAL children

There is a festive atmosphere at the HEAL Children’s Village in Guntur where staff and students have been celebrating more exam success. Once again, the true value of sponsoring a child’s education through HEAL has been highlighted by the latest results, which have been warmly received by the charity’s founder Dr Satya Prasad Koneru. HEAL […]

Srinivas success story rewards sponsors’ generosity

HEAL’s mission to offer hope and support to orphaned and poverty-stricken children in India has always been based upon the need for education. At the core of HEAL’s work with under-privileged children in Andhra Pradesh is the belief that education is the key to emancipate those people struggling at the bottom of the social order. […]

HEAL students facing a rosier future

LONG-TERM sponsors of children at the HEAL Village in Guntur are seeing some remarkable results from their generosity and dedication to providing needy children with an education. Children from some of the poorest backgrounds imaginable continue to demonstrate through HEAL that poverty is no barrier to achieving success if they are only given the chance […]