‘Not just a school, HEAL Paradise is motherly love in plain sight!’

An article published in Prajasakthi newspaper, circulated in Telugu to readers across Andhra Pradesh. Below, is an English language version for our non-Telugu speakers

An article published in Prajasakthi newspaper, circulated in Telugu to readers across Andhra Pradesh. Below, is an English language version for our non-Telugu speakers

HEAL stands out on top in excellence for the underprivileged, not resting until every child exceeds his or her potential.
Best of all, it is entirely free of cost for the needy children, otherwise left out.
We bring the sky to them to reach for the stars!
Our dedication and love are vividly evident in all the perfectly manicured landscapes, greenery, flowers, fruits and vegetable gardens.
The great expanse of the outdoor playgrounds, complemented by upcoming state-of-the-art indoor sports complex, will shape the future health of our children for generations to come!

Self-sustained cultivation of fresh organic produce, an amazing kitchen and dining facilities provide first-class nutrition to our children and staff.
An arts department encouraging creativity in children and staff is hard at work, with murals, art classes and workshops on a daily basis.
The display of various artworks throughout the campus showcases the talents of children and their teachers.
Boys’ and girls’ dormitories provide the most comfortable and safe places for all the children to rest securely after a fun day of learning.
Conservation activities such as a solar power grid, water harvesting and compost making teaches the children how to lead by example in protecting and preserving the planet for future generations. Green is life!

Says HEAL founder Dr Satya Prasad Koneru:
“HEAL charity is cemented in the belief that every child can achieve and flourish in life when provided excellence in education in a loving and nurturing environment.
I started my journey armed with that conviction, picking up the forgotten poorest of the poor orphans as the foundation and life of HEAL Paradise!

“This is a new-age school that will never yield to the social ills based on caste, creed, religion and other man-made barriers.

“My journey is constantly paved with support from family, friends, generous benefactors, volunteers and well-wishers.

“My dedicated army of staff and I are privileged to have earned your trust and confidence. That is the source of our strength and hope for a bright future.

“One doesn’t expect such excellence in any orphanage school. Expecting the most unexpected, unparalleled centres for excellence is our goal, always, where happiness and love is pervasive in every person in the paradise.

“For those who ask why we are so uncompromising in providing for these orphans, beyond the reach for our own children, we simply say this with clarity:

“Why in the world would you see these children any different than your own?

“These are God’s gift to us and they deserve all of our love and sacrifice just the same as our own flesh and blood. God wouldn’t want it any other way!”

How to join…
Thotapalli, near Agiripalli, is where the paradise is nestled in between mountains, a huge lake and streams all around in most peaceful, quiet and clean surroundings.
We preferentially admit younger children who are orphans, poor children of single daily wage workers, abused children and blind children.
We have an artificial limb programme for under-18s and vocational training for older children as well. We are developing a health and wellness centre to meet the needs of the surrounding villages.
In addition to a beautiful school for the blind, we are developing a training school for elderly care. We continue to expand our capabilities for taking care of the rural health care needs.
Our medium of education is English, with emphasis on Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit languages.
We respect the children’s interests and wishes to promote their freedom and growth to pursue their dreams in a self-motivated format.

Future plans…

At present, we have 1st to 10th grades with state-approved syllabus.
We have immediate plans for CBSE courses.
To become a one-of-a-kind university some day is never far from our thoughts.

Our children…
Ninth-grader Monika is an accomplished dancer, excelling in the classroom and sports. Sai sree is highly ranked in the state track competitions. Sixth-grader Akash is a wizard radio talk-show host and wants to become a doctor.
Every child here reaches his or her potential and beyond with no undue pressures. Only guidance and encouragement.
A state-of-the-art computer lab, virtual classrooms and online classes from abroad are part of constant innovation in teaching and training at Paradise.

Says ninth-grader, Jyothi:
“I did not know my father at all. When my mother died in a traffic accident, I was all alone with no place to call home. Fortunately, some relatives joined me at HEAL. This is not something I could have ever dreamed of. It is now my home, family and future. I am so lucky and happy. I have not missed my parents since I came here, though I remember my mother. All this fortune is only possible because of Doctor Sir.”

This story repeats and repeats with so many twists and heart-breaking turns, all with a very happy ending to so many sad stories.
We are here to love the children and wipe away their tears, fears and misfortunes!