Grandad Del takes on triple challenge for HEAL

Grandfather Del Singh, a keen charity fundraiser who has already climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and taken part in the Great Eastern Run for good causes, has decided to do his next challenge to help the disadvantaged children of HEAL.

Del Singh's HEAL fundraising poster

Del Singh’s HEAL fundraising poster

After completing his first half marathon as a novice runner last year, Del has now set himself the truly Herculean task of running a ¼, ½ and full marathon in 2018.
Del’s QHF Marathon Challenge will see him travelling from the south coast of England to the highlands of Scotland to fundraise for HEAL by running in:

• Brighton 10K (Quarter Marathon – 6.5 Miles) in April
• Loch Ness Marathon (Full Marathon – 26 Miles) in September
• Peterborough Great Eastern Run (Half Marathon – 13 Miles) in October

Del is hoping to raise at least £5,000 for HEAL in 2018 and will be funding all of these runs and associated travel costs out of his own pocket, so every penny he raises through donations will go direct to the HEAL charity.

Del’s wife, Jas Kaur, posted the first donation on her husband’s online fundraising page, with the message: “Getting the ball rolling for my lovely, but slightly mad hubby Del… could be all this running is to get away from me and the housework!”

To read more about Del’s QHF challenge, and make a donation, please visit