Sisters ready to run through pain barrier in Brighton Marathon

Lilli Thomson and sister Lucia, who are running the Brighton Marathon for HEAL in April

THE knowledge that they are raising money for severely disadvantaged children in India will be the driving force force for Lilli Thomson and her sister Lucia when they run the Brighton Marathon in a fortnight’s time.

Having set themselves a goal of raising £500 for HEAL, Lilli and Lucia have already smashed that target by attracting more than £1,200 of sponsorship via their JustGiving page.

“We’re up to 244% of our original target – which is just astounding!” said Lilli. “We’re sisters from Brighton; it’s our first marathon and we are vaguely terrified but happy in the knowledge that we’re doing it for the right cause for us.

“We were looking for a charity to fundraise for; a smaller, volunteer-based charity that we feel we can try and make a difference for.


“My sister Lucia is married to an Indian man; they have two very beautiful children, and lots of extended family in India so we really liked the idea of fundraising for a cause that’s close to our hearts and will, in essence, hopefully keep us running.”

HEAL sponsorship secretary Steve Sargent admits he is full of admiration for the sisters and their willingness to run through the pain barrier to help impoverished children thousands of miles away.

“As a complete non-runner, it’s hard for me to express my admiration for anyone who is willing to undertake such a seemingly impossible feat,” he said. “We at HEAL wish Lilli and Lucia every success, not to mention the strength, endurance and health required.”

Lilli, an account manager for a Brighton film promotion agency, added: “It feels really good to be running with a purpose, making those cold evening runs slightly more bearable. It’s an incredible cause and we’d absolutely love to make it out to visit the HEAL projects one day.


“Lucia and I decided that we could, and should run the Brighton marathon this year and, I’ll be honest, it’s a decision that we regret often, particularly when faced with evening runs accompanied by hail, freezing temps and sideways rain!

“However, we’ve found an important cause to run for, to get us motivated and out running even when we REALLY don’t want to. We’ve both completed 20-mile training runs so are feeling slightly more prepared, if only psychologically!”

As well as raising funds in advance of the Brighton Marathon, Lilli and Lucia say they would welcome support on the day. “Banners are actively encouraged on the day,” says Lilli, “and possibly assisted walking apparatus for the finish line! And a beer.”

To sponsor the sisters, please visit their fundraising page at