HEAL takes first successful steps towards helping child amputees in India

ELIZABETH’S Legacy of Hope (ELoH), HEAL’s partners in providing artificial limbs for some of India’s most vulnerable young people, have expressed their delight at the first children receiving prosthetic legs at Paradise Village. In September, a new joint project was launched to provide 80 child amputees with long-term and holistic support, including access to prosthetics, […]

A year of growth and development in 2015… now fundraising holds the key

JOYOUS school Christmas celebrations at HEAL Paradise Village – and at HEAL Children’s Village, Guntur – brought the curtain down on a remarkable 12 months for the charity founded in 1992 by Dr Satya Prasad Koneru. Underpinning everything HEAL has achieved in 2015 has been the partnership with The Hans Foundation, whose funding and support […]

Fun and adventures as Paradise students enjoy field trips and outings

EDUCATION is always at the root of everything HEAL does to benefit the under-privileged children of India… but it’s not all work and no play for the students of HEAL Paradise Village. As well as meeting the demands of the school curriculum, and aware that the children live, learn and play within the confines of […]

No let-up for Matthew and Jane as they prepare for Cycle India 2016

WHILE many of those signed up for Cycle India 2016 have been busy training and fundraising ahead of the 11-day visit to Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, one couple taking part might admit to being more than a little distracted over the past few weeks. As if Christmas and New Year weren’t enough on top of […]

Sunnier outlook as HEAL Paradise Village goes solar-powered

IF there is one thing India is never short of, it’s sunshine. So what better way could there be to save on electricity costs than to install solar panels at HEAL Paradise Village to soak up plentiful rays from the ever-shining Indian sun? Solar panels have been providing hot water to the Hans Foundation Boys […]

Festive fun … then it’s heads back in books for HEAL Paradise children

THE New Year is a time for reflection and looking to the future with renewed hope and optimism – and nowhere is that more true than at HEAL Paradise Village. Joyous school Christmas celebrations at Paradise – and at HEAL Children’s Village, Guntur – were followed by the excitement of New Year’s Eve, with some […]