Latest pictures from the Heal Children’s Village

Here are some recent photographs from the Heal Children’s Village showing how happy the children are when they receive gifts from their sponsors. There’s also a nice image of some of our boys enjoying some modern dancing at the Sri Venkateswara Bala Kuteer School. If you would like to make a real difference to one […]

Sign Up Now for Cycle India 2010

Cycle India 2010 – We’re now recruiting We’re now looking for cyclists for Heal Cycle India 2010. If you fancy a real challenge, and would like to raise money for our charity then please read on. After the resounding success of Cycle India 2008, where 30 cyclists from the UK, US and India raised £100,000 […]

Recent visitors to the Heal Village

Visit to Heal 27th – 30th January 2008 Report from Adele and Albert Alcock: Albert and I first visited Heal Children’s Village in 2006 and the happy memories of that visit stayed with us and encouraged us to start to save up straight away to visit again and finally at 4pm on the 27th January […]

Greetings from Heal Village!

Heal Village News Greetings from Heal Village! Here we come with some more news from Heal! The weather has changed from scorching heat to pleasant coolness, specially in the evenings. We had lots of rains this year. The trees in Chethana are washed clean of all the dust and look green! The children have a […]

Cycle India 2008 Update

Archive 2007 The plans for Heal’s most ambitious fundraising event – Cycle India 2008 – are taking shape. As of 18th September, 2007, we have 22 UK participants signed up for the 220 mile bike ride through Andhra Pradesh, although there is still space for two or three more daring individuals to add their names. […]

Greetings from Heal Village!

The new academic year started for us after the summer break. The summer was very severe with the temperatures rising to almost 45 Celsius and when the rains came in the last week of June we heaved a sigh of relief! In India the rains are special. They come after scorching heat and bring cool […]

Slums of Andhra Pradesh, India

Slums of Andhra Pradesh On a recent visit to Andhra Pradesh, Dr Prasad stopped at a village and spoke about the appalling living conditions that many people in India still have to endure. In this video you will see the type of slum conditions experienced by so many, and Dr Prasad explains the need for […]

Appeal for cyclists

Archive from 2007 Appeal for cyclists    Three of the cyclists taking part in Cycle India make an appeal on Youtube for more participants. The video was organised by Matthew Glover, head of fundraising, and organiser of the charity bike ride. There are currently 22 cyclists signed up for this once in a lifetime opportunity, […]


Archive 2006 VACCINATION CAMP AT HEAL We come to India every year for our summer vacation. This year we wanted to do something for the needy instead of spending our time enjoying with our family and having fun. To do this voluntary work we needed some kind of base, i.e. an orphanage, old age home, […]

Heal Charity Bike Ride

Heal Bike Ride October 6th – October 9th 2006. The bike ride took in some fantastic scenery, including parts of Cumbria, the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. The bike ride raised over £7,000 for Heal. Alison Glover, who drove the support vehicle, wrote the following diary of the event: The Team […]