Sponsor A Teacher

HEAL's dream is to provide: health care; a loving home with support; and a good academic education including a range of extra-curricular activities to orphaned and underprivileged children in its care.

Essential to achieving this is the provision of good quality teachers.

HEAL would like to ask your help to find sponsors to cover the cost of teachers.

We are looking to attract sponsors for:
      •  6 teachers in Maths or Physics or English or Counsellor (£3,000 per teacher per year)
      •  6 teachers in Biology or Chemistry or Computer Science or Social Science or Primary (£2,000 per teacher per year)
      •  10 teachers in Art & Craft or Dance or Hindi or Music or Physical Education or Sanskrit or Teaching Assistant or Telugu (£1,500 per teacher per year)

Sponsors will be sent the profile of the teacher they sponsor with yearly updates showing the teachers performance, initiatives taken and feedback from students taught.

Would you like to sponsor a teacher?