We are providing three nourishing meals a day to 434 students 7 days a week.

Have a look at the typical menus we are providing.

All our meals are totally vegetarian, many of the ingredients coming from our very own vegetable gardens.

Have you thought of sharing the cost of feeding these wonderful students:

      • Breakfast costs £60 per day.
      • Lunch costs £120 per day.
      • Dinner costs £120 per day.

A perfect gift for a partner, relative, friend or even yourself on that special occasion? Sponsoring a meal for underprivileged children could be the ideal solution. We will:
      • send an e-card on the day you choose to the person you choose (blind copied to yourself)
      • put a notice on our website on the day of the sponsorship
      • displayed your sponsorship in the children's dinning-hall at the time of the meal.

If you would like to proceed, choose a date for the meal and then press 'Submit':

Date of meal: