How to help HEAL

How to help HEAL

There are various ways you can help HEAL. You can sponsor a child, make a donation, become a corporate sponsor, leave a legacy to HEAL, volunteer, participate in Cycle India, or be a supporter.

One of the easiest ways you can help HEAL is to share the work we do with your friends and family. Tell people about HEAL, connect with HEAL on Facebook and Twitter, share what HEAL is doing.

We are a small charity organization that does not waste money on administrative costs. That means all donations go directly to the children and the schools. Unfortunately, it also means we don’t have a budget to market HEAL as other charities get a chance to do.

We rely heavily on our volunteers, supporters, and sponsors to spread the word about the amazing things HEAL is accomplishing, whether that’s through word of mouth, written articles, or social media.

If you are interested in becoming a child sponsor you can read more about the four levels of sponsorship available in our How to Sponsor a Child in India section.

To learn how to leave a legacy to HEAL please read more here.

HEAL is a small charity organization run entirely by volunteers. This ensures we do not waste money on administrative costs, so that all donations go directly to the children and the schools