Gowtham Model School, Bhadrachalam

Poverty Trap Project

Gowtham Model School, Bhadrachalam

HEAL is supporting children at Gowtham Model School in Bhadrachalam under its Poverty Trap Scheme.

We are funding school fees, books, teachers, uniforms and stationary for children in a poor area of  Telangana state.  HEAL is committed to helping as many children from poor families who cannot afford school fees to gain access to education and help future generations escape the cycle of poverty.

HEAL is urgently seeking sponsors for the children of Bhadrachalam. The school is in need of basic facilities and your support will help us to give these children a better education and a better future.

* Click on the link below to see a slide-show presentation of our Bhadrachalam Poverty Trap project


In addition to its child sponsorship scheme at Gowtham School, HEAL UK members are currently raising funds to help improve the very basic facilities at the Bhadrachalam school. To read more about the Bhadrachalam Sanitation Project and how to help please click HERE.