Anne Siva NageswaraRao Aruna ZPH School, Kanuru

Poverty Trap Project

Anne Siva NageswaraRao Aruna ZPH School, Kanuru

HEAL agreed to help support the ASNRA ZPH School in Kanuru, Vijayawada, following a number of visits by the charity’s founder Dr Satya Prasad Koneru, Dr Indira Rani (a long time supporter of HEAL), Bhavani and the trustees of HEAL India.  They were all very impressed with the hard work of the existing team who have been operating with limited resources.

Since June 2009, HEAL India has worked alongside the existing benefactor Mr Anne Siva Nageswara Rao (pictured), school staff and the Government to help improve the facilities and educational standards at the school.  The school currently has been lacking in library books, and many of the classes have been oversized, with as many as 60 children in them.  A new computer lab has been created and a new teacher has been appointed.

HEAL has been helping to fund better standards at this school, and with new classrooms having been built, with the hope of educating more children from underpriviliged backgrounds. The school has benefitted from new books and new science equipment following a further grant from HEAL.

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