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Find out about Heal's current projects

HEAL currently has a number of projects including the HEAL Children’s Village in Guntur, Paradise Village in Thotapalli, and various other projects in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We are responsible for the education and welfare of over 1,000 children currently, but wish to expand our reach further. We are actively looking to establish new projects so that we can achieve our target of helping 10,000 children escape the poverty trap by 2020.

  • Current Project

    Heal Paradise Village School

    Work is well under way on our most ambitious project to date – the construction of an eco-friendly children’s village, named ‘Paradise’, which will provide a home for 1,000 orphaned and underprivileged children from Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India.

  • Current Project

    Heal Children’s Village, Guntur

    Heal's Children's Village was officially opened on the February 11, 1999. This project near Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India, cares for more than 200 orphaned and destitute children, from ages 5 to 18.

    Heal initiatives such as free books, bags and equipment for primary age children, a free mid-day meal and the provision of shoes are found to pay huge dividends in improving school attendance in underprivileged rural areas such as Guntur, Kanuru and Bhadrachalam, where parents often cannot afford to send their children to school.

  • Current Project

    Bala Kuteer School, Guntur

    Alongside the Children's Village project in Guntur, Heal provides the chance for children from villages and slum areas to receive an education through its Poverty Trap project.

    HEAL is also helping children who have families, but their parents cannot afford to send them to school. We are keen to encourage these children from underprivileged backgrounds to attend school by funding teaching staff, uniforms, books, midday meals etc at a number of schools

  • Current Project

    Gowtham Model School, Bhadrachalam

    HEAL is supporting children at Gowtham Model School in Bhadrachalam under its Poverty Trap Scheme.

    HEAL encourages children from underprivileged backgrounds to attend school through its Poverty Trap scheme by funding teaching staff, uniforms, books and equipment and relies on the generosity of child sponsors.

  • Current Project

    ASNRAZPH School, Kanuru

    HEAL agreed to help support the ASNRAZPH School in Kanuru, Vijayawada, following a number of visits by Dr Prasad, Dr Indira Rani (a long time supporter of Heal), Bhavani and the trustees of HEAL India.

    We are looking to create more Poverty Trap projects in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana where HEAL can support existing schools by providing funding and assistance to improve standards of education.

  • Current Project

    Boy’s Hostel, Bala Kuteer

    The Boy’s hostel was added to the grounds of the Bala Kuteer School as part of HEAL’s plans to increase the number of children being cared for in the HEAL Children’s Village.

  • Current Project

    Makineni Health Centre

    The Makineni Padma Subba Rao Health Centre, is adjacent to the Heal Village in Guntur. This Health Centre provides health care for the children in the Village and for the local community, and has now been running for several years.

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