Paradise boys do HEAL proud as they pass college exams with flying colours

MESSAGES of congratulations have been pouring into HEAL Paradise Village following the academic success of its group of senior college students.

Eight senior boys based at Paradise in Thotapalli excelled themselves in their recent end-of-year exams, achieving marks which placed them all at or near the top for their college.

Each day, the eight friends, based at Paradise thanks to a partnership with the Vrushamani Foundation, catch an early bus to Vikas College, returning to Paradise at the end of a long day of studies.

“I spent six months at Paradise recently and have seen for myself what an inspiration these hard-working lads are,” says HEAL Communications Officer Jem King.

“Every morning they would set off early before the other children had gathered for breakfast and they would always be the last ones into the dining hall late at night.

“These fine young men were all hand-picked for their leadership qualities and I have seen them give inspirational guidance to the younger Paradise children after being honoured for previous success at Intermediate level.

“Having walked to the bus stop with them in the morning it was obvious to me that they were not only bright and intelligent, but clearly enjoyed each other’s company. I’m sure their very presence at Paradise will motivate and encourage the younger children to be just like them.”

Nagendra achieved top divisional place with a score of 480 out of a possible 500 marks in M.E.C. (Maths, Economics & Commerce), a feat matched by Govinda Kumar. Rajasekhar was top in his college with 410 out of 440 in Bi.P.C. (Biology, Physics & Chemistry), while Satyanarayana (459/470), Vasu (458/470), Tirupathireddy (448/470), Venkata Narayana 433/470), Mallikarjun Yadav (433/470) also aced their exams in M.P.C. (Maths, Physics & Chemistry).

Among the first to offer his congratulations was HEAL’s founder Dr Satya Prasad Koneru, who said: “This is great news. Congratulations indeed! They make us all proud. I wish them the best of health and happiness to reach their full potential.”

Describing the boys’ performance as “outstanding”, HEAL India’s DS Rao added, “They are the pride of Vrushamani Foundation and HEAL”.