HEAL can produce model citizens, says Paradise Village CEO Ajay Kumar

HEAL India CEO Ajay Kumar getting to know the children at Paradise Village

HEAL India CEO Ajay Kumar getting to know the children at Paradise Village

A STRONG desire to offer new hope to unemployed and disenchanted young adults was a major factor in bringing new HEAL India CEO Ajay Kumar to Paradise Village.

“It has been my passion to be an instrument to provide employment to the unemployed youth who otherwise waste their time not knowing where to go and how to go about in life,” says Ajay.

“I found several of them who have either failed 10th or 12th standard or graduation, or passed out with bear minimum scores. They are normally in a depressed state as they are not able to get any job and think that they are just useless.

“It is to give them a feeling that their life is precious, that they can be useful to themselves and society once they get a job. In fact, after retirement I wanted to start my own NGO for this purpose.

“The reason why I have joined HEAL is that it has a skill development centre through which I can fulfil my desire. The added attraction is to interact with the orphaned and destitute children to whom I can share my love.”

HEAL CEO Ajay Kumar watches on as children celebrate a birthday at Paradise Village

HEAL CEO Ajay Kumar watches on as children celebrate a birthday at Paradise Village

After completing post-graduation and M.Phil in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Ajay joined Bank of Maharashtra as an officer for a year and switched over to State Bank of India for two years before joining the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) where he worked for more than 30 years. He retired as Principal Commissioner of Income Tax.

“Since my student days I have been associated with various social service activities. Even while in service I tried to reach out to my fellow human beings in whatever little way I could. Since childhood I had observed that many young people, who for various reasons could not complete their studies or having studied could not succeed in the examinations, were wasting their time without doing anything and had become a burden to their parents or their near and dear ones.

“I would like the skill development centre at Paradise Village to really take off, as well as the school for the visually challenged and the artificial limb centre to serve many more children.

“My hope and wish for HEAL Paradise Village is to see the smiles on faces of all the children, to see them blossoming into wonderful citizens of this world in different walks of life. I would love to see them as captains of industry and trade and commerce, engineers, doctors, professors, artists, scientists, sportsmen and, above all, great human beings.”

Preparing for his first academic year in charge, Ajay has been presiding over the admissions process, with special emphasis on orphans and girls as Paradise School expands its operation to cater for well over 400 students.

“We have reached out to more than 80 villages and advertised the fact that very poor orphan children can be provided with free education, board and lodging in HEAL Paradise.

“We have recruited nine new teachers and are in the process of identifying another eight or nine before the end of June. We are seeking the best teachers available to help us give a quality education to as many disadvantaged and destitute children as possible.”