HEAL, Jaipur.Digital and Cycle India 2016

The HEAL Cycle India 2016 team ready for the off at Agra

The HEAL Cycle India 2016 team ready for the off at Agra

A post on the Jaipur.Digital website, promoting Cycle India 2016:

by Shiromi Chaturvedi

THERE is a reason why The Flintstones is among our all-time favourite cartoons. It is charming to think of a metal-less world; one without the constantly imposing Internet, or the ceaselessly growing traffic. We all love to think of going back to that world from our childhoods, where all activity was centred around one paragon purpose – happiness. And a sure-shot way to happiness was found in one activity – cycling.

Health and Education for All, or HEAL as the UK charity organization is dubbed, is organizing the fifth Cycle India – a five day 400km cycle ride from Agra to Jaipur, followed by visits to HEAL Children’s Village in Guntur and Paradise Village in Thotapalli – in 2016. Starting 2008, Cycle India invites people from around the globe to unwind the nostalgic way, and at the same time raise awareness and finance for the betterment of underprivileged children.

We at Jaipur.Digital, identify with the purpose of HEAL and Cycle India, and have teamed up with the charity to promote Cycle India 2016. The team expressed their excitement towards covering the project. We will be posting updates ahead of the event; our live blog will be available as it happens on Jaipur.Digital, making it accessible to a worldwide audience. In addition to live updates, we will post press releases on our digital platform after the event and share videos, photographs and articles to maximise coverage for HEAL.

Keep an eye out for further updates. It is time to pull out that bike from your garage.