Residential Sponsorship

Residential Sponsorship

The importance of Residential Sponsorship has never been greater for HEAL with hundreds of children from deprived backgrounds being cared for both at the HEAL Children's Village in Guntur and the fast-growing development at Paradise Village.

Paradise Village, HEAL’s flagship development in Thotapalli, Andhra Pradesh, is already home to 200 residential children from disadvantaged backgrounds. In time, this number will grow to 1,000, creating a huge demand for residential sponsorship.

The children eat, sleep, learn and play in the secure grounds of Paradise Village and live together in the Hans Foundation boys dormitory and Rajeswari girls dormitory, both sponsored by our principal partners The Hans Foundation.

In Guntur, HEAL Children’s Village is a long-established, purpose-built home which already houses 200 orphaned and impoverished children of all ages.  They live in shared rooms with a ‘house-mother’ as if they formed a natural family.

The rooms are arranged in a circle with a play area in the centre and the whole place has a comfortable village feel to it. Here, orphans and poor children eat, sleep, play and revise for their exams, while classes are attended daily on the adjacent school which is run by a partner organisation to HEAL.

You can sponsor a child in India by paying for a destitute child to live and thrive here by contributing just R 1,630 per month, which covers all their needs.

To sponsor a child in India by becoming a HEAL Residential Sponsor please complete our sponsorship form.

The growth of HEAL through its flagship development at Paradise Village will create a huge demand for sponsorship of its residential children