Become a Supporter of HEAL

Become a Supporter of HEAL

HEAL is always keen to encourage supporters in any way. Whether you own a Company and would like to support our charity, whether you are an individual thinking of undertaking a challenge, such as running a marathon and raising funds for a charity, or whether you wish to form a supporters group, we are always delighted to receive your support.

Create fundraisers to raise money and awareness about HEAL. Let us know if you’d like to plan a fundraising event, take up a challenge like running a marathon and collect pledges to donate, or get a booth at your local fair to give people more information about HEAL. Reaching out to your community or school is a great way to get more supporters. Contact us and we can help you in any way we can.

Make a donation for a specific cause. You can fund school supplies or uniforms for a group of children. You can fund toys, sports equipment, books for the library, whatever you’d like. Donations are a great way to make a one-time contribution.

For birthday presents or Christmas presents, give the gift of charity.

Donate to HEAL in a friend’s or family member’s name. It’s a great way to introduce your friend or family to HEAL as well!

If you are or know of a company that would like to get involved in sponsoring an organization like HEAL, we would love to hear from you. Besides financial sponsors, HEAL is always looking to work with companies that can offer their services. Marketing materials, accounting, web services, video editing, t-shirt printers- ANYTHING that can help HEAL grow as an organization, that can help more kids climb out of poverty into a better life, is always gratefully appreciated. And of course all donations of goods and services are tax deductible.

If you have any other ideas on how you can support HEAL, please let us know! Click here to contact us.