HEAL Case Study: Salma Shaik

HEAL Case Study: Salma Shaik

Salma came to HEAL Children's Village, Guntur, in 1999 as a 10 year-old girl. Her father was a carpenter and a very caring man.

Salma had a younger sister, Hafiza (8 years), and brother, Musthakheem (3). The family had no other source of income except what their father earned as a carpenter.

When the father was killed in a road accident the family lost its sole breadwinner. The mother’s parents were too poor to take care of three children.

In that helpless situation the mother, Siraj, and the children were taken into the caring lap of HEAL. The mother was given the responsibility of a housemother in one of the cottages of the Children’s Village. All three children were brought up by HEAL with utmost care and affection.

Salma did not have a sponsor from the outset, as smaller children were generally given preference at that time. However, Salma grew up to become a B.Tech graduate in 2013, with EEE from Sri Mittapalli College of Engineering, Thummalapalem, 10kms from the Children’s Village.

Soon after finishing her studies, she married a businessman from Dubai and the couple were blessed with a baby. Luckily, the groom was in a position to meet all the marriage expenses.

Her sister Hafiza went on to study for an MBA at Universal College of Engineering & Technology, Peracherlain, and brother Musthakheem is studying B.Pharmacy under the umbrella of HEAL in Victoria College of Pharmacy, Nallapadu. Both of them have active sponsors who are regular visitors to the Children’s Village.

This success story demonstrates how HEAL has shouldered the responsibility of providing all facilities and opportunities for this family’s long-term development until they were able to attain the strength to stand on their own and even to settle in life with marriage.

Salma Shaik. Sponsor a child in India with HEAL. Selma Shaik wedding. Sponsor a child in India with HEAL.Selma Shaik with baby. Sponsor a child in India with HEAL.