HEAL Case Study: Rajya Lakshmi

HEAL Case Study: Rajya Lakshmi

Rajya Lakshmi lost both her parents when she was too young. She was admitted into the HEAL Children's Village, Guntur, along with her sister Naga Lakshmi in 1993.

At that stage, Rajya Lakshmi was only 6 years old. She was brought up in the lap of HEAL with utmost care and affection.

After the completion of her school education she went on to take a one-year vocational training course in tailoring.

She used to help the HEAL Children with the basics in tailoring and repairing their own clothes. Gradually, she acquired the skill of making dresses on her own.

A young man, Mr Venkat, who was working with Bala Kuteer School, asked Rajya Lakshmi to marry him. She accepted his proposal and HEAL helped to make the arrangements for their marriage.

Now Rajya Lakshmi has a daughter studying 3rd class. She proudly says that she is a HEAL child and that HEAL helped her become a happy and successful woman.

Rajya Lakshmi. Sponsor a child in India with HEAL.