HEAL Case Study: Naga Deepthi

HEAL Case Study: Naga Deepthi

Naga Deepthi came to HEAL when she was 10 years-old in 2001. Her father had died of a lung infection. After his death the family was left helpless.

Deepthi’s mother was an illiterate. Through the head of their village, they approached HEAL.

HEAL was able to give gave them shelter at the Children’s Village in Guntur, where Deepthi’s mother worked as a housemother. She was hard-working, very humble and affectionate.

Deepthi was studious and also very accommodating. So everybody used to like Deepthi and her mother.

After completing her school education, Deepthi was admitted by HEAL in +2 into a women’s college. She achieved good marks there.

After +2, she studied towards a degree in commerce and computers for three more years in the same college – and went on to pass with good grades.

Deepthi managed to get a placement in a corporate college, Narayana Jr. College, in the examination board section.

She received a marriage proposal from a Mr Nayudamma, a graduate running a provision store.

HEAL gave the marriage proposal their blessing and Deepthi got married to Nayudamma. In 2015, Deepthi and Nayudamma were blessed with a baby boy.

Jean Moore was Deepthi’s child sponsor for many years. Deepthi and her mother express their gratitude to her and HEAL for giving them confidence in life when they were in distress.

Naga Deepthi. Sponsor a child in India with HEAL.Depth baby. Sponsor a child in India with HEAL.Deepthi. Sponsor a child in India with HEAL.