HEAL Case Study: Jyothi & Sai Kumar

HEAL Case Study: Jyothi & Sai Kumar

In 2015 HEAL Paradise village welcomed two new students, brother and sister Jyothi and Sai Kumar.

Before they came to the HEAL village, they resided with their mother and grandmother, having lost their father many years ago.

Their mother and grandmother supported the children by working as cleaners. Jyothi, who is currently in 7th class, assisted her elders earning a modest wage by delivering milk and newspapers in her local area.
The two children unfortunately suffered a tragic loss, losing both their mother and grandmother in an accident.

Their landlord had no choice but to evict them from their home. With no close relatives able to take them in, the children were left homeless and faced a string of rejections from various homes and institutions in the area.
On the 12th day after their loss they were brought to HEAL Paradise Village.

We are happy to say that Jyothi and Sai Kumar are comfortably settled in their new home. They have a great support team of adults and new siblings helping them work towards a new and happy future.